Wednesday, June 15, 2011


From Graduation. These four years have been terrific. And quite unforgettable. Thank you Brown, I love you :)

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Ok I'm not really sure if anyone still comes up here, but thank you very much for your concern I am quite well and quite happy back home in Singapore! Life has been seriously undramatic, which is something I am sincerely grateful for given the stories I have heard these past couple of months, and I must say I am very thankful to whoever's up there who must be taking special care of me and my family and friends because everything's been going well.

Sorry for being so unspecific, but I suspect if you read this blog you should already know what I have been doing, and if you don't then you are really kaypoh - why are you here?!?! Stop being a stalker and ask me in person if you really care.

I'll be leaving in a week's time to go back to Brown. Yes I will remember and savor those last precious moments of student life and irresponsibility (in the no-responsibilities sense). It's scary and yet exhilarating to think that I have no idea where I'll be in a year's time. I'm not the sort who needs to plan every step of the way, and it seems like that's a good attitude to have in times of uncertainty such as this. But yes we shall see, we shall see.

Monday, July 26, 2010


Ok so sorry I totally skipped like 2-3 months due to laziness. Sorry to anyone who actually still comes down!

Kinda busy with work right now, but I promise I will be back shortly!!!

Take care everyone!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

About a month...

About a month before I return to Les ĂŠtats-Unis, and then home. I do miss Brown - her classes, her people, her greens. And I do miss home. But I have also fallen in love with France. It's such a beau pays after all. Everything's just so pretty here - the language, the trees, the old European buildings, the food. I'd be happy to go back, but I'm not looking forward to leaving either. Maybe I just find things worth loving everywhere I go :D

My friends and parents, ahem, remark that I don't seem to be studying here. Well I am not. I even regret registering with a school here. There's so much happening out there, outside, I feel silly staying in the classroom, listening to the teacher drone on for four hours about grammar rules and other boring matters.

I'm in France, in Europe, I have one more month, and I'm going to make the best of it. And that, generally, does not involve teachers or classrooms.